Progress on the modern net zero energy house in Boulder

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Above is a recent construction photo of the Net Zero energy house we have been working on in the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood of Boulder, CO.  Once the weather clears and warms up a bit, the exterior painting, trim work and other exterior finishes and landscaping will progress quickly.

Inside, the wood flooring is being installed.  This is a product that is made from post industrial waste produced when making traditional wood flooring.  It is extremely durable, lays over radiant heat and has a once inch thickness so it can be sanded several more times than a conventional wood floor.   The tape holding the individual sections together will be removed during sanding and finishing.  There is a special detail and pattern designed for the cantilevered stair using this material.  The cantilevered stair was a fun engineering problem to design and solve and shown in the photo is our installation at the time of testing in the field.  The treads will be powder coated and then the wood flooring will be inset both top and bottom.  And yes, there will be a simple, modern railing.