This project in Boulder Colorado is the second project we have worked on recently in the Pine Brook Hills neighborhood in North Boulder.  The clients from this home approached us when the flood of 2013 caused substantial damage to their existing home.  They also needed more space to accommodate their growing family including 6 children.  The existing home had a very unusual design with some simple mid century modern shed roof forms attached to a towering high central structure with curved and angled cathedral ceilings.

The design solution we arrived at together with our clients includes adding the much needed new bedroom, bathroom and office spaces clustered around a central courtyard, like a small hilltop village.  The courtyard has been designed as a focal point with views into the space from many of the new and existing rooms in the house.  The courtyard and new landscaping designs tie the site together and the conceptual designs have been completed by RDesign Studios.

The home is currently under construction in 2016, and a new design phase is currently underway to re-imagine the main living areas and roof forms.