The Bus Shelter for the Athens Area Arts Council Art Rocks Design Competition is under construction

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Bus shelter construction

Years back Michelle Lee and I won a design competition for a bus shelter that celebrates the musical history of Athens, Georgia.  The design was inspired by watching the film, Athens, GA, Inside Out where we learned about the better known bands such as R.E.M. and the B-52’s, as well as the lesser known bands such as Pylon, the Kilkenny Cats, Flat Duo Jets, Time Toy, The Bar-B-Que Killers, Dreams So Real, and Love Tractor.IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7251

The design celebrates all of these bands, in total, around 50 that are part of Athens musical history.  The band names will all be written on the interior steel channels of the bus shelter.  We decided to highlight the special contributions of R.E.M. , the B-52’s, and Pylon on the Winter solstice, the summer solstice and the two equinoxes by placing the band names and transportation related lyrics from the songs in special locations that will cast shadows on the ground at these special events and change throughout the day and the seasons.  For R.E.M. we chose the song Drive, and cut steel letters will cast shadows that say What if I Ride?  What if you Walk? at the winter solstice inside the front area of the shelter  floor.  The lyrics, “Glitter on the Highway” from the B-52’s song “Love Shack” will be highlighted on the ground at the summer solstice.  Pylon’s song “Stop It” is highlighted at the equinoxes.

Above you can see the shelter being built here in Boulder by Coalesce Fabrication.  It will be powder coated next week and the band names will be added by Michelle and myself before it gets shipped to Georgia for installation.  Interestingly, it will be located on the Atlanta Highway which is also mentioned in the B-52’s song “Love Shack”

We will post more photos as construction continues.